Welfare technology in one unit for the entire healthcare journey. - A platform with an open API.

Conventional personal safety alarms are based on a technology where a central unit - a so-called "alarm box" or "hub" - is installed in the home, on the ward or in the room. The user wears an alarm button that communicates with the alarm box. For the alarm to work, the user must always be within reach of the alarm box and, and wear the alarm button of course:
Security at the expense of mobility.

We want to change that. And much more!

Välfärdsteknik för omsorg
Like a Swiss Army Knife

We offer one device for the entire healthcare journey, individually configured based on the user's needs over time. The administrator configures the device remotely and sends the settings to the watch OTA (Over the Air). Caregivers have the same app for all users and for the entire care journey. But it’s not just care units that benefit from our solution. Medical and healthcare units also benefit significantly from secure measurements on the right individual at the right time, since measurements are linked to the individual via the watch.

Having one device for the entire healthcare journey is a significant reason to embrace our concept. The second reason is that we build each function to be best in class. Let us tell you more...

Great need
Forget time and medicine
Risk of falling
Deviates from home or nursing home
Disturb others, get disturbed
Medical risk
Other chronic diseases
Alarm button
Reminder in watch
GPS and Geofence
Lock with digital key
Sensors for analysis
A unit for the entire healthcare journey is a big reason to adopt our concept. The second reason is that we build every part to be best in class. Let us tell you more…
Benefit for the user
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Benefit for the practitian
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Benefit for the administrator
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We provide security and freedom for users

Surveys show that users feel tied to fixed installations. They are safe as long as they stay at home with their alarm call button and hub, and sometimes in the company of a camera or some other equipment. We deliver freedom combined with security for a better quality of life. Alarms and sensors accompany the user, all over a mobile network optimised for data traffic - LTE CAT-M.

The device is designed for this purpose. It has a high-contrast display, it's waterproof and it’s disinfectable. The device is configured remotely by the administrator according to the care plan. It provides precisely the settings the user needs at different stages of their life. The user does not need to, and should not have to, set anything up by themselves.

Initially, perhaps only a manual safety alarm is used. In the next phase, the administrator can add fall detection. In stage three, geofencing zones may be needed, and in stage four, automatic opening of the apartment door.

Exercise and increased overall well-being and fitness impact health and quality of life. With more and improved information available to the care provider, their monitoring and following up on personal care plans will be much more efficient.

Foto: Vesnaandjic / Gettyimages and mSafety/Sony Network Communication Europe

We make things simple for staff

Making a tool for staff who have worked for ten years and know the routines is easy. We have focused on designing ours so that a temporary staff member with no prior knowledge can be up and running in 15 minutes, with 100% guaranteed performance. And that’s still a pretty useful tool for the experienced team member too.
Staff can log in to the app and choose which groups they will work in during their shift. Only the departments assigned by the admin are available. Staff will only receive alarms and activities from those groups.

Overview of unanswered alarms and activities.

The fields at the bottom show ongoing activities accepted by the user.


Alarms and activities might include:

  • Accepted
  • Regretted
  • Attendance is confirmed
  • Request assistance
  • Complete and report with your own additions
You write the report as usual, and then you can label the activity, for example, "Blood pressure". The system can then redirect this value to a specific person or an external system.

We provide simplicity, secure execution and an overview for the administrator

With a cloud-based admin interface, you set individual settings for 10, 100 or 1000+ users, depending on the different stages of their lives. The same device that may have just a few features in an early stage can then be expanded with added functionality as cognitive failure sets in or other conditions worsen. You can easily add or remove functions from month to month or year to year. You will only pay for what you have used in a given period.

Personalised settings

The heart of our solution. At the touch of a button, you can configure personal settings for each user.
Settings are instantly sent OTA (Over the Air) to match each user's individual needs.
And you only pay for the functions that are actually used.
Cost-effective for the caregiver, simple for the user.

Overview of alarms and statuses

All alarms and activities can be monitored in real time. View an overview of unattended and ongoing alarms, or follow up on completed activities.

Click on any alarm/activity to see its history, with details and traceability.

What features are available?

Choose the individual features on the client page. In the basic range, the device is configured for:

  • Manual alarm (personal safety alarm)
  • Shakey hands, Battery warning, Signal strength
  • Update the individual's functions at the touch of a button (existing and upcoming):
  • Indoor/outdoor location

What features are available?

You choose the functions needed for each individual and only pay for what you use.

In the basic range, the device is configured for:

  • Manual alarm (security alarm)
  • Handshake, Battery warning, Signal strength

Update the individual's functions with the push of a button (Existing and upcoming):

  • Indoor/outdoor location
  • Geofence – Safe zones
  • Send reminders/messages to the watch
  • Fall indicator
  • Heartrate
  • Digital key for opening doors
  • Door, passage alarm
  • Sleep/Rest/Stress indicator
  • Blood sugar/Blood pressure/Saturation/Temperature/Weight
  • HRV/Steps/Calories/Vo2 max