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Welfare technology in one unit for the entire healthcare journey. A platform with an open API.

Conventional security alarms are based on a technology where a central unit, a so-called "alarm box" or "hub", is installed in the home, in the department or in the room. The user wears an alarm button that communicates with the alarm box. If the alarm is to work, it assumes that the user is always within reach of the alarm box and of course has the alarm button on them. Security at the expense of mobility.

We want to change that and much more!

Like a Swiss army knife for municipal care and social care - We offer a unit for the entire care journey that is configured based on the user's needs over time. The administrator configures the device remotely and sends the settings to the watch OTA (Over The Air). Executive staff have the same APP for all users and the entire care journey. It is not only the care units that benefit from our solution. The medical and health care unit also benefits greatly with guaranteed measurement values ​​for the right individual and the right time when the measurements are linked to the individual via the watch.
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A unit for the entire healthcare journey is a big reason to adopt our concept. The second reason is that we build every part to be best in class. Let us tell you more…
Benefit for the user
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Benefit for the practitian
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Benefit for the administrator
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We provide security and freedom for the user

Surveys show that users feel tied to fixed installations. They are safe as long as they stay at home with their alarm button and hub and sometimes in the company of a camera or other equipment. We deliver freedom in combination with security for increased quality of life. Alarms and sensors accompany the user, all over a mobile network optimized for data traffic - LTE CAT-M. Since autumn 2022, we also have support for relatives to receive notifications (optional).

The device is designed for the purpose. High-contrast display, waterproof and disinfectable. The device is configured remotely by the administrator according to the care plan. It provides exactly the settings that the user needs at different stages in the fall of life. The individual does not need and should not set anything up.
Initially, perhaps only a manual security alarm is used. In the next phase, the administrator can add fall sensor. In step three, a geofence may be needed, and in step four automatic opening of the apartment door.
Even the algorithms in the unit are written for the target group. As an example, we can mention the fall sensor, as the movement pattern of a senior differs significantly from the average individual.

Exercise and improved fitness have effects on health and quality of life. With increased and improved information from the care provider, the possibilities for follow-up increase and the effects of the care plan can be monitored in a more efficient way.

Foto: Vesnaandjic / Gettyimages and mSafety/Sony Network Communication Europe

We provide simplicity for the practitioner

It is easy to make a tool for staff who have worked for 10 years and know the routines. We have focused on making it so easy that a temporary worker with no prior knowledge can be up and running in 15 minutes with 100% guaranteed execution. It is not to the detriment of the experienced either.
The staff log into the app and choose which department they will work in during their shift. Only the departments assigned by admin are available. The staff only receive alarms and activities from the department they are logged into.
Clear menu of unhandled alarms/activities as well as those accepted by the staff as theirs to fix.

The staff then receive activities and alarms that can:

  • Accepted
  • Regretted
  • Attendance is confirmed
  • Request assistance
  • Complete and report with your own additions
With Cloudberry, you write what you have to report in one and the same place and then tag the activity with, for example, "blood pressure". The system ensures that it gets to the right person and that it is recorded in the right place.

We provide simplicity, secure execution and overview for the administrator

With a cloud-based admin interface, you set individual settings for 10, 100 or 1000 users through their different stages of life. The same device with few functions that later gets more functions when cognition fails. You easily add functions from month to month, year to year. You only pay for what you use during the recurring period.

Individual settings

The heart of our our offer. With the push of a button, you send the functions that the individual needs to the individual's device. After that, the new functions are in use with the user.

Security and freedom with one click!


Overview of alarms and status

When alarms and activities come in, you can see their status in real time. Unmanaged and ongoing, - or all activities including completed alarms. Click on an alarm/activity to view the details with traceability.
Acceptance, - Cancellation, - completion times are visible.


What features are available?

You choose the functions needed for each individual and only pay for what you use.

In the basic range, the device is configured for:

  • Manual alarm (security alarm)
  • Handshake, Battery warning, Signal strength

Update the individual's functions with the push of a button (Existing and upcoming):

  • Indoor, - Outdoor position
  • Geofence
  • Reminders/Notifications
  • Fall sensor
  • Pulse
  • Open locks
  • Door, - Passage alarm
  • Sleep/Rest/stress
  • Blood sugar/Blood pressure/Saturation/Temperature
  • HRV/Steps/Calories/Vo2 max