Carewatch – Remote patient monitoring

With Carewatch, certain aspects of the care can be managed remotely, with the same high quality levels as at a health centre or a hospital. Since patients can manage their measurements at home, there is less of a need for physical visits. This limits disease from taking up unnecessary time, focus and room in our lives. Self-monitoring means that patients use intelligent tools, such as wearable and portable sensors, to collect, process and send personal data to enable the caregiver to monitor and manage health conditions. The caregiver gets instant feedback on health markers and can adjust medication or other treatment if necessary.

Carewatch is based on the Sony "mSafety wearable platform".
Credit: Sony Network Communications Europe

What makes us unique?

Unlike sensors connected to mobile phones and their apps, we have control over the software in Carewatch and the protocols with which the sensors/meters communicate. We do not have the problems like other solutions with mobile phones that are not updated with the latest software or have different versions of operating systems. Carewatch has an e-SIM and is connected to the mobile network like a mobile phone, and automatically transmits values ​​to the care provider. The other advantage we have is that no settings are made in Carewatch. All settings are made in the administration interface and transferred OTA (Over the air) Do not underestimate these advantages as support costs are drastically reduced with our solution when compared to other solutions.

Specialist care:

  • Monitoring over shorter periods.
  • Used by hospital wards, clinics and health centres.
  • The purpose is to follow up on patients' recovery and rehabilitation

Diagnoses/conditions, e.g.:

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Follow-up on surgical procedures
  • Cancer treatment
  • Strokes
  • Long Covid

Primary care:

  • Long-term monitoring.
  • Used by health centres and hospitals.
  • The purpose is to monitor patients' health development and offer a safety service.

Chronic diseases, e.g.:

  • Heart failure
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Asthma

Elderly care:

  • Longer and shorter-term monitoring.
  • Linked to municipal care , medical care and home healthcare.
  • The purpose is to monitor the user's condition and get indications on any anomalies
  • Early infection alert to limit infection spread.

Geriatric conditions, infections, etc. E.g.:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Covid 19
  • Seasonal flu
  • General health condition before surgery

Sensors for self-monitoring:

Carewatch has built-in sensors for measuring heartrate, fitness, sleep, activity etc. Carewatch also connects (via Bluetooth) to a large range of medical devices and sensors for measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, saturation, body temperature, weight etc. Markers can be monitored in real-time and with full history. Alarms can be triggered if a marker deviates from pre-defined levels. The user does not need to handle a separate phone or app to manage their measurements. Carewatch automatically connects to the care provider and transmits the markers measured. The system ensures that all measurements are registered for the right person, with the correct markers, time and place. In the EU, data is encrypted and stored according to GDPR, and may be integrated into your existing systems via our API, or exported to any preferred analysis tool.

“Self-monitoring is about being able to measure your markers where it suits you. During the summer, "home" may be the summer cottage or the camper.
With Carewatch, you become fully autonomous.”

Blodtrycksmätare MIT 5S
Measured data are linked to the user's personal Carewatch


API is in our DNA. We use our own API when we communicate internally with various interfaces. So everything we developed for a complete system and use ourselves is in place for you to integrate with your or another third-party system. What is the difference between API data and Carewatch data? The API also contains information that is functions of various data based on our algorithms.

Individual adaptation

All devices are administered and customized with the Cloudberry Care web platform or via API. Customize with "one click" and send the new settings OTA (Over The Air). Threshold values ​​can be adjusted individually to monitor the effects of medication etc. After the end of the monitoring period, Carewatch can be disinfected and quickly configured for a new user.

Carewatch functions

Carewatch is explicitly developed for clinical use in the health and care fields. It resembles a modern smartwatch rather than a medical device. Carewatch is waterproof, disinfectable, and is individually configured with:

  • positioning with all alarms - indoors and outdoors.
  • heartrate and activity.
    (steps, sleep, stress, etc.)
  • connection and monitoring of medical sensors. Saturation, glucose, temperature, weight etc.
  • medication reminders and other messages.
  • outdoor and indoor zones – Geofencing.
  • safety alarm with fall detection.
  • dementia deviation alarm.

Carewatch benefits:

  • High reliability - no loss of data.
  • Freedom and mobility for the user.
  • 100% traceability of measured markers.
  • Customise functions individually.
  • No need for a smartphone or Wi-Fi. (e-sim)
  • Rapid adjustment of medication.
  • Fewer hospital visits.
  • Reduced need for assistance from healthcare staff.
  • Cost-effectiveness by only paying for the functions used.
  • Increased control and insight into their condition for the patient.
  • Healthcare resources can be focused on those who most need them.
  • New and better decision basis with entirely new information.